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Palazzetto Pisani Boutique Resort

Palazzetto Pisani Boutique Resort overlooks the Grand Canal and is located between Accademia Bridge and St. Mark’s Square where Venice truly reveals herself in all her splendor. One can arrive at the Palazzetto Pisani by boat or gondola, using the water entrance on the Rio del Santissimo, located on the east side of the palace. This allows every guest the chance to experience one of the many truly special ancient Venetian traditions.

Rooms & Suites

The Palazzetto Pisani Boutique Resort will welcome you, during your stay in Venice, with its refined elegance that has characterized it for centuries.

Pisanino Restaurant

Be sure to have your special table at our Palazzetto. Places are available for our Hotel Guests only.

The experience, Dinner at Palazzetto Pisani

Pisanino Restaurant Grand Canal, overlooks the Palazzo Barbarigo, Guggenheim museum and Accademia Bridge.