Private Party & Reception

For your exclusive parties, choose the baroque charm of the Palazzetto Pisani Boutique Resort, in Venice. The Piano Nobile of Palazzetto Pisani will be yours for one unforgettable evening: for a night of dancing, a themed party, to celebrate a special event, for Christmas or for the Redentore Festival. Or have a costume party during Carnival and experience the unique atmosphere of the Palazzetto. A dinner at Palazzetto Pisani embodies that idea of splendor and elegance that only the old Palazzos of Venice can offer.

The large rooms decorated by stucco, rich furnishings, and the twinkling of the lights of Venice that bounce off the windows, recreate the atmosphere of an era that we thought could only be lived in a dream. But here it is possible, with an ornate banquet table, overflowing with a sumptuous dinner and chatting amicably with guests. The original silver shimmering like jewels and the soft music help to make the banquet even more pleasing in between the courses.

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